KNB−KAGAWA ダンスナショナル

KNB-KAGAWA ダンスナショナル

KNB-Kagawa Dance Nacional

バレエをはじめ「ダンス」一般に興味のある方、踊ることを愛する全ての方々のための集いの場です。バレエを含む「ダンス」は身体で伝え合う会話です。踊るジャンルや所属、国境等にかかわりなく、さまざまな町、都市、各国多くの方々 に自由に参加して頂き、共にさまざまな「ダンス」を皆で楽しく分かち合い、観客の皆様にも喜んでいただける場を作ることを目標としております。





Instructions in English


KNB-Kagawa Dance National is the meeting place for everyone who loves ballet and to dance.  

“Dance” is an art of communication, expresses with your body.

Dance has no border between any countries or the nationalities.

We would like to perform for our ballet fan and dance public,

 and to communicate  through “Dance” with everyone from all over the world for our peace and happiness.

There is no other way without ballet classes that will make better performances.

The Ballet class makes a strong concentration, and a better expression also makes stronger body in your younger body.

It makes your neck and back beautiful line, shapes up your masseurs and healthy life style.

We would like also help to all the ballet teachers and professional dancers, meet in the same class, find new ideas,  make lively imagination, and look openly through the wide point of view .

The Cultural cross – fertilization through the international performance and the daily classes makes a point to meet many other dancers, and to discuss over “Art of Ballet” and “Pleasure and Value of Dance”.

From that, we will progress and learn better life for our future.




KNB-Kagawa Dance Nacional